The Ultralux system offers non-refillable or refillable 9.6oz/285ml bottles and is designed with a liquid viewing window, easy for housekeeping operationally, ensuring minimal waste.

Locking ABS plastic brackets are lightweight, easy to mount and clean, available in white or chrome satin finishes and single, double, or triple fixtures.

Hotel Guests

  • Dispenser delivers positive modern image to guests
  • Easy pump action formula delivery
  • Refillable or lockable fixture allows guest to feel confident formulas are not tampered with


  • Supports your commitment to sustainability
  • Supports standard recycling stream
  • Lockable fixture
  • Bottles can be customized for hotel and retail brand requirements


  • Easy front access to unlock and replace bottles
  • Durable ABS plastic material in a variety of finishes, designed for easy cleaning
  • Secure locking method
  • Patented open and close hinge detail for easy replacement of bottles
  • Formula viewing window allowing quick fill level visibility when refilling

Hotel Engineering

  • Easy wall application with double sided tape or screws with anchors and silicone seal